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A magazine to give you the "ins and outs" of Newborn Photography !

Your Photographer

Hello Lovely ! My name is Charlene, and I am incredibly passionate about newborn photography. I am professionally trained in newborn safety, fully insured and a member with the guild of photographers.

I have been a photographer for eleven years, capturing special newborn images for the past seven years and I never grow tired of capturing beautiful and priceless images for my clients that they are proud to hang in their homes. 

Besides photography, I am also a wife and mother to four rather big but still precious ones, my son & stepson are both 22 and my non ID twin daughters are 15. When I’m not behind a camera, you’ll most likely find me doing crafty things such as stained glass, needle felting or jewellery making in my craft room, as well as spending time with my family & friends. 

Things to think about for your newborn shoot:

  • where do you want to place images in your home and what sort of products do you want to show them on, i.e.; canvas etc ?
  • think the colour palette of your home.
  • parent images - neutral colour clothes are recommended. We can also do skin shots of dad and baby and wrap around mum over a strapless bra. Alternatively simple black or white t-shirts are effective.
  • babies quickly develop scratches and marks on their delicate skin, don't worry, they can be dealt with in post editing but you can help by loosely fitting the nappy and leaving off the vest. Bring them in just a sleep suit or loose clothing.
  • shoots ideally take place within the first 14 days of birth, my favourite time for doing the shoot is 5-7 days however i've gained amazing results with babies aged up to 8 weeks !


The studio has an arrangement of props available to use. We also have lots of hats, headbands, outfits and wraps in all sorts of colours but if you have a certain colour in mind, we would be more than happy to source any hats/wraps/headbands in that colour if we have enough notice.


A newborn shoot can take anything up to 4 hours. This seems extreme but babies can be very unpredictable and we like to allow plenty of time to create those precious memories for your new bundle of joy. Sometimes (and only on the very odd occasion) if baby really isn’t happy, we may need to reschedule.

Session Fee

The current session fee is £65 and this pays for the 4 hours of creating your images, preparation of the session, props etc. There is a huge range of pricing for the finished products depending on what you would like hang in your home, prices start at £30 with a minimum spend of £195. This is something we can chat about when you've seen your final gallery and examples of products can be seen in the studio.


A few tips to help your shoot go as smoothly as possible.

  • Have baby dressed in a baby grow with no vest underneath, this makes it easier for us to start the session straight away.
  • No socks on baby please, this is to avoid marks and dents on your babies legs.
  • Feed baby just before your session time and also bring plenty of spare milk (if applicable), breastfeeding is greatly welcomed in the studio and we will do everything we can to make you comfortable ! A baby with a full tummy will sleep better !
  • Bring spare clothes for yourselves ! Many accidents can happen with baby being naked and full on milk ! but please don’t worry about the mess.