Look after what is close to your heart.

You know that moment when you find the perfect GP (General Practitioner) that really gets you as a patient and is genuinely sympathetic to you and your needs, well this is what i found in 2005/6 ish. I felt that i finally had someone that i trusted with the care of my medical needs, he had all the time in the world for me and i thank him for that eternally.

Unfortunately in 2011 he became ill, had some time off and then returned for a very short time before he died in 2012, this week is the 4th anniversary. I will never find another doctor as not only nice and caring but understanding too.

In 2015 his family help a charity ball in his name to raise money for pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately i left it too late to get myself any tickets but i was able to help the cause by donating gift vouchers for Charlene Reed Photography. I gave 2 vouchers in and i was very honoured to get a thank you card with an update of how it went and how much was raised.

Thank You The Minett Family & R.I.P Dr Nigel Minett.