Price Wars

You charge WHAT?! I hear this often BUT what people don’t understand is being a photographer for me, is not a hobby, it's my job. It has the usual business costs and takes up a lot of my time.

Customers may only spend up to a few hours with me during a session but for me, the work doesn't stop when I put the camera away. When you hire a photographer, you’re not only paying for their time during the session, you also pay for their time after in post processing (and trust me, it's a lot of time!).

I spend hours and hours editing each image individually ensuring each and every one is perfect! After all, they are memories you will see every day; I hope they will be the most precious memories of your family! I want every customer to be genuinely happy every time they look at their images.

Anyone can pick up a camera, put it on auto, take a picture and put all unedited images on a disk BUT it’s also what happens after (in post processing) that is just as important as taking the picture! You don't pay a professional to simply point and shoot, you pay a professional to make your images perfect!