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Home Address
Name & Number of the person that is most likely to answer the phone on the day of the wedding. It can be a Maid of Honour, Best Man or a Parent etc.
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Date of the Wedding
Name & Address of the venue for your wedding ceremony. Please include a name and contact number of the venue coordinator.
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Time of Ceremony
Please ignore the "seconds" box, absolutely no need for it but unable to remove it. Of course fill it in for fun if you would like to *Winky Smile*
Name & Address of the reception venue. If you can manage it, please leave a name on contact number of the co-ordinator at the venue.
Meal Time
Meal Time
This is when you are planned to sit down to eat, this will enable me to work out timings for group shops and personal shots.
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Time required from
How did you meet ? when and where did the proposal happen ? How long have you waited for the Wedding Day ?
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