Firstly allow me to express to you that i am trained in newborn safety, please do not attempt newborn photography without training.


A variation of the cutest poses using a vast amount of props specially made for newborn babies.

A newborn session can take anything up to 4 hours and no other shoots will be booked in for your chosen day. With a chance that baby might have a restless day, in which case we can arrange for another date.

It is advisable that you wear layers on the day and bring a change of clothing for yourselves this is due to becoming hot, or cold throughout the shoot and also for the possibility of being covered in vomit, poo or wee-wee. DONT WORRY if any mishaps happen, the studio floor is washable !

Don’t try and arrange things around baby’s feeding/sleeping times, we will work that into our shoot and fit around baby.

Heres a few things to help you before you arrive at the studio ..... 

Try to bathe the baby before the session.
Try to feed baby before setting off for the session, baby can be topped up on arrival.
Please bring baby in a loose front fastening babygrow.
Please bring plenty of extra milk/bottles, or we are breastfeeding friendly.
Bring along a dummy for me to settle the baby into the poses, this can be discarded after the session if your not using one at home.
Bring snacks for yourself, it can be hungry work. 
Layer your clothing as the room will be very warm to keep the baby warm when just in their skin and wraps, bikinis are optional.

Your images will be uploaded to a secure online gallery.

Little Macie, born 5 weeks early, came to see me at 3 weeks old.